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Mode Network Airdrop Details, Invite code mu3zOz, step by step guide, Claim Details

Mode Network backed by Optimism with $6M of their funds. The Mode Network airdrop is fair and hence capturing a lot of attention. To participate you need Mode Network invite code. Use this Mode Network invite code – mu3zOz to check your Mode network airdrop points.

Mode Network Airdrop Participation Details –

  1. Airdrop Size – 5% of total supply
  2. Expected Mode Network Claim Date – Q1 2024
  3. Expected Mode Network Listing Date – Q1 2024
  4. Total amount raised from investors – $6 Million
  5. Mode Network Airdrop Participation Link –

Mode Network Airdrop Eligibility Requirements –

  1. KYC is not needed.
  2. You must have followed each step down below in the same sequence.
  3. A Metamask wallet with funds in the Ethereum chain to Bridge to Mode Network.
  4. You will need an invite code to join, use mu3zOz

Step by step guide to join Mode Network Airdrop –

  1. Visit the Mode Network Airdrop Page
  2. Connect your wallet to check your Points depending upon your Ethereum Transactions done till now.
  3. Get 100 pts to Unlimited Points. Bridge more to earn more.
  4. Bridge any amount of Ethereum tokens from Ethereum to Mode Network to claim your first points.
  5. Join Mode Network dApps and use them to Earn 2x points

Exclusive Tip for Mode Network Airdrop – Participate in their ecosystem dApps to earn additional points. Use dApps that don’t have their tokens so to get additional dApp airdrops apart from Mode Network.

Why Join Mode Network Airdrop –

  1. Well Established [Working in crypto space since 2023]
  2. High-end backers including Optimism

Mode Network List of Investors –

Mode Finance Investors – Optimism

End Note –

Mode Network is an average airdrop. Not like Blast L2, which already had a TVL with the same level as Arbitrum and Optimism before even launching. You can also join these Coinbase-backed Airdrops, Binance Labs backed Airdrop. They have high credibility than normal airdrops.