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Velvet Capital Airdrop Details, Review, Expected Return, Eligibility, step by step guide

Velvet Capital was backed by Binance Labs from their MVB (Most Valuable Build) program last year. The user can use Velvet Capital dApp and supply any amount of their tokens to any of the vaults to get into this airdrop. For more details on Velvet Capital go through this article to understand how you can be eligible for the airdrops with step by step guide.

Velvet Capital Airdrop Details –

  1. Airdrop Size – Not Declared
  2. Expected Velvet Capital Claim Date – Q3 2024
  3. Expected Velvet Capital Listing Date – Q3 2024
  4. Total amount raised from investors – Not Declared
  5. Velvet Capital Airdrop Participation Link –

Velvet Capital Airdrop Eligibility Requirements –

  1. KYC is not needed.
  2. You must have followed each step down below in the same sequence.
  3. A wallet with Binance Network and Arbitrum.

Step by step guide to join Velvet Capital Airdrop –

  1. Visit the Velvet Capital Airdrop page
  2. Connect your BSC or ARB wallet. If you don’t have a BSC wallet, create one here. Buy some BNB, and ARB from Kucoin, Binance, and Bybit and withdraw to the BSC/ARB wallet.
  3. Supply any amount of BSC-based tokens to Velvet and earn free airdop points.
  4. Join Velvet DAO for governance. You can buy their NFT at ETH 0.69 to be part of their Governance.
  5. Mint your Founders Club NFT Today and learn more about the perks of being a Founders Club NFT Holder:

Exclusive Perks for Velvet Dao Users:

  1. Double your reward points airdrop
  2. Chance to Receive an additional airdrop up to 1,000,000 reward points
  3. Get a portion of royalty fees on secondary sales
  4. Create a Public Vault on Velvet Marketplace
  5. Double your Governance Voting Power
  6. Receive exclusive Velvet Founders swag
  7. Access private in-person events
  8. Join a closed group of founders & fund managers – Genesis of Velvet DAO
  9. Access exclusive strategies by top partner Hedge Funds

Exclusive Tip for Velvet Capital Airdrop – Supply more tokens and make sure to diversify the supply. This means staking multiple tokens and every token with the value of more than $10. Also, join Velvet Capital socials for more giveaways: Discord, Twitter, Zealy
The Longer you use Velvet Capital the more points you will accrue. You can use the airdrop tracker within Velvet Capital to monitor your progress.

Why Join Velvet Capital Airdrop –

  1. Well Established [Working in crypto space since 2019]
  2. High-end backers including Binance MVB, Poolz Ventures

Velvet Capital List of Investors –

Scallop Finance Investors – Binance Labs MVB, Poolz Ventures, Gate

End Note –

Velvet Capital backed by Binance Labs is a great project and unique as well. The holders will create the vault and the user can invest as per their limits. The more you invest the more you get the airdop similar to ZeroLend, Kinza, and SupraOracles.