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How to participate beoble Airdrop, expected return, eligibility, investors, step by step guide

Beoble app is a chatting app backed by Samsung NEXT and Hashkey. The app is available on mainnet and users can create an account over there to claim airdrop points. Just visit beoble here and use the beoble invite code – e2314ce1-069a-4a6c-a5f0-f1a079fb3823 to register. You can also join our group on beoble if you join with our invite code here and write hi to us to get 5 beoble points from us.

Just in case if you are not able to participate, we recommend holding the BBL tokens from Exchanges like Kucoin and Bybit.

Beoble App Airdrop Details –

  1. Airdrop Size – Not Declared
  2. Expected Beoble Claim Date – Q1 2024
  3. Expected Beoble Chat Listing Date – Q1 2024
  4. Total amount raised from investors – Not Declared
  5. Beoble App Airdrop Participation Link – Visit Beoble Airdrop Page here

Beoble App Airdrop Eligibility Requirements –

  1. KYC is not needed.
  2. You must have followed each step down below in the same sequence.
  3. A wallet with Ethereum Network or an Email id is needed.
  4. No fees is needed to join the airdrop.

Use Beoble invite code – e2314ce1-069a-4a6c-a5f0-f1a079fb3823

Step by step guide to join Beoble io Airdrop –

  1. Visit the Beoble Airdrop page with this invite code – e2314ce1-069a-4a6c-a5f0-f1a079fb3823
  2. Connect your ETH wallet. If you don’t have an ETH wallet, here is a guide to creating a Metamask wallet.
  3. Now, click on the cat icon at the bottom and complete simple tasks like joining some groups and claiming free CAT points.
  4. The CAT points will be converted later to the BBL airdrop.

Exclusive Tip for Beoble io Chat Airdrop – Complete daily tasks to get as many points as possible. The more points you get the more airdrop you will get. To get additional CAT points, use our code and ping Hi Daniel in our group to get 10 points from us.

Why Join Beoble Airdrop –

  1. Well Established [Working in crypto space since 2023]
  2. High-end backers including Samsung NEXT, Hashkey
  3. Earlier Samsung-backed projects got integrated into their ecosystem and came in their phones. It is a big thing.

Beoble App List of Investors –

Beoble App Investors – Samsung NEXT, Hashkey, Digital Currency Group, GBV, Momentum, Protocol Labs

Beoble BBL token Expected Return –

After going through the hype, looking at the investor’s previous returns, socials, tokenomics, and release schedule we can say that it is expected to return 10-20x returns.

Where to buy Beoble ICO Token Sale –

The beoble token sale is going to happen on these 3 platforms. Join now before it is too late –

Beoble ICO on Bybit Launchpad – Anyone can participate. KYC Needed. Need to hold at least $100 of tokens. JOIN HERE

Beoble IDO on ApeTerminal – Registration Needed. KYC is not needed. Free to participate. JOIN HERE

Beoble IDO on ChainGPT – CGPT Staking needed. KYC Needed. JOIN HERE

End Note –

As mentioned above, being a Samsung based project, it has a huge potential and is expected to get inside the upcoming Samsung phones. Although, its just a wild expectation but we have seen similar things earlier just in case of Enjin wallet. The more you complete the tasks the more you get the airdrop points similar to ZeroLend, Kinza, and SupraOracles.