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How to join Get Grass Airdrop, referral code Mf1OtTcWzyVNKiq, Review step by step guide details

Grass is a blockchain-based web scraping protocol for sustainable and scalable data collection. Grass lets you earn passive income by selling your unused bandwidth without compromising your privacy.

Get Grass App Airdrop Details –

  1. Airdrop Size – Not Declared
  2. Expected GetGrass Claim Date – Q2 2024
  3. Expected GetGrass Listing Date – Q2 2024
  4. Total amount raised from investors – Not Declared
  5. Grass Airdrop Participation Link – Visit Grass Airdrop Page here

Get Grass Airdrop Eligibility Requirements –

  1. KYC is not needed.
  2. You must have followed each step down below in the same sequence.
  3. An email id is needed to be register with a invite code. Use Get Grass invite code – Mf1OtTcWzyVNKiq to Register.
  4. No fees is needed to join the airdrop.

Use Get Grass referral code – Mf1OtTcWzyVNKiq

Step by step guide on how to join Get Grass Airdrop –

  1. Visit the Grass Airdrop page with this referral code – Mf1OtTcWzyVNKiq
  2. Register with email and password. Use the Getgrass referral code – Mf1OtTcWzyVNKiq to complete registration.
  3. Now, Download the Grass Browser extension from Chrome extension and log in with the account you just created.
  4. Now, forget about it, it will automatically collect data and share it with the Grass team.

Exclusive Tip for GetGrass Airdrop – Just keep your browser open. Don’t install it on your main browser, use any other browser that you don’t use much. Use that browser for simple searches. If you use Google Chrome as default browser then install this extension to Microsoft Edge and use that in simple searches.

Why Join Get Grass Airdrop –

  1. Backers like Tribe Capital, Polychain Capital

Beoble App List of Investors –

Get Grass Investors – Tribe Capital, Polychain Capital

Get Grass token Expected Return –

After going through the hype, looking at the investor’s previous returns, socials, tokenomics, and release schedule we can say that Get Grass is expected to return 1-2x returns.

End Note –

Get Grass is an average project. Although, it still somehow got some investors. We don’t expect so much from this project like other airdrops that we mentioned earlier like ZeroLend, Kinza, and SupraOracles.