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ZeroLend Airdrop Details step by step guide, Investors, Claim details

ZeroLend is on Manta Pacific and is part of the LayerZero ecosystem. LayerZero is also expected to release its token soon. So, if you participate in this airdrop you may also will be eligible for Layerzero future airdrop. It is free to claim airdrop with simple tasks as mentioned in step by step guide to claim Zerolend airdrop below. Follow the guide and be ready.

ZeroLend Airdrop Participation Details –

  1. ZeroLend Airdrop Size – $3 Million in Airdrop
  2. Expected Zerolend Claim Date – TBD
  3. Expected Zerolend Listing Date – Q2 2024
  4. Total amount raised by ZeroLend investors – Not Declared

ZeroLend Airdrop Participation Requirements –

  1. KYC is not needed.
  2. You must have followed each step down below in the same sequence.
  3. A Metamask wallet is needed to connect and Register with the airdrop on the Manta Pacific Network.
  4. Collect to Discord and earn 100 Points.
  5. Claim more points by Adding Liquidity/Supply for more than $100 in Manta Network Tokens.

Step by step guide to join ZeroLend Airdrop –

  1. Visit the ZeroLend Airdrop Page
  2. Connect your Account with Metamask Wallet
  3. Switch to Manta Network, Connect your Discord channel, and claim 100 tokens
  4. You can provide supply and earn APY more than 5% + additional points for providing more than $100 in liquidity.
  5. Claim additional Zerolend points by doing simple tasks like messaging gm daily on Discord

Exclusive Tip for ZeroLend Airdrop – Stake more to earn more in ZeroLend Points

Why Join ZeroLend Airdrop –

  1. Well Established [Created with LayerZero]
  2. One of the first dApps on Manta Network to provide Lending services

ZeroLend List of Investors –

Investors – Mute Finance

End Note

This Airdrop is 7/10 on our list, as it is point point-based system and direct reward is not included. Like Supraoracles and Kinza.