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How to join Scallop Airdrop on SUI step by step guide, Eligibility, Review, Details

Scallop is one of the biggest DEX earlier available on Solana Chain but is now available on the SUI network. Scallop is an SUI Defi protocol where users can Lend and Borrow on SUI protocol. The Scallop Airdrop is ongoing in different phases, phase 2 is going on. You can Supply any amount of SUI-based tokens and earn Pearl points which you can later swap for Scallop airdropped tokens similar to Drift on Solana, ZeroLend on zkSync, and Manta.

Scallop Protocol Airdrop Eligibility Details –

  1. Airdrop Size – 18% of total supply
  2. Expected Scallop Protocol Claim Date – Q2 2024
  3. Expected Scallop Protocol Listing Date – Q2 2024
  4. Total amount raised from investors – Not Declared
  5. Scallop Network Airdrop Participation Link –

Scallop Airdrop Eligibility Requirements –

  1. KYC is not needed.
  2. You must have followed each step down below in the same sequence.
  3. A SUI-based Wallet like the Sui wallet.

Step by step guide to join Scallop Protocol Airdrop –

  1. Visit the Scallop Airdrop Website
  2. Connect your SUI wallet. If you don’t have an SUI wallet, create one here. Buy some SUI from Kucoin and withdraw to the SUI wallet.
  3. Lend or Borrow any amount of SUI-based tokens from Scallop to earn free Pearl airdop points.
  4. Lend/Supply afSUI to increase your rewards. Use Aftermath to convert your SUI to afSUI.

Exclusive Tip for Scallop Protocol Airdrop – Supply more to earn more. Additionally, use vSUI, afSUI to get more points. Swap your SUI to vSUI from Volo and SUI to afSUI from Aftermath Finance [Airdrop soon for Aftermath Finance traders].

Why Join Scallop Protocol Airdrop –

  1. Well Established [Working in crypto space since 2022]
  2. High-end backers including MystenLabs

Scallop Protocol List of Investors –

Scallop Finance Investors – Mysten Labs parent company of SUI, Supraoracles, DefiLand, Comma3, Cointelegraph Acceleration

End Note –

Scallop V1 was based on Solana, if you have used earlier, you are automatically eligible for Scallop airdrop. If not join this Scallop protocol airdrop on SUI and start earning PEARL points. It follows same point-based system similar to Drift Finance on Solana, Zerolend on Manta & zkSync, LogX backed by Coinbase,