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Tasks we are doing for Solana Airdrops This Week – 

Solana Based Airdrops – 

Zeta Markets Airdrop – Trade Perpetual Solana based tokens on Zeta Markets and earn points use referral code ‘CODE’ to get 10% more points. Airdrop Confirmed!!

More Details – Blog | Video tutorial Hindi | Zeta Airdrop Page

Drift Trade Airdrop – Trade, Swap, Lend and Several other things to do. Complete trading, futures and earn points. Airdrop Confirmed!!

More Details – Blog | Video tutorial Hindi | Drift Airdrop Page 

Marginfi Upcoming Airdrop – Provide Liquidity, Supply Funds for lending, Borrow tokens. Airdrop Confirmed!!

More Details – Marginfi Airdrop Page

Meteora Expected Airdrop – Provide Liquidity, although airdrop details are not announced. But expected. So, provide some and wait for further announcement. 

More Details – Meteora Landing Page

Dflow Guaranteed Airdrop – Join Dflow Airdrop now with one of the referral codes. One can be used only once – RG1QVBS0YJBC. If exhaused, ping us on Telegram and someone else will provide you one.

More Details – Dflow Airdrop Page

Symmetry Expected Airdrop – Copy trading platform. Airdrop Expected.

More Details – Symmetry Landing Page